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Other Projects

There are several other projects completed and underway within the EmIT group that are exploring body-based interactions with various digital platforms to improve education of STEM topics.

Optics (Rise and Shine)

Rise and Shine is an iOS game in which young learners develop optics concepts by predicting the paths of light rays as they encounter lenses. Rise and Shine is the story of a cave with some very grumpy nocturnal animals in it. The sun is rising; light rays will soon be passing through a focusing crystal and into the cave. It is the player’s job to predict the path of the light beam and move any animals out of the way before the light wakes them up. Angles of incidence, lens types, and focal lengths are all important considerations to ensure a good day’s sleep for these night-owls (and bears…and possums…).


Waves (Omeganaut)

Omeganaut is a laptop game where players use the Leap Motion controller to create and learn about wave energy. Players navigate their avatar through a series of obstacles that require them to create waves of particular frequency using their hands.



Charge is a laptop game where players use the Leap Motion controller to learn basic electrostatics concepts by navigating a cute character through a 3D world where they must accumulate as much charge as possible.