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Concord students using GRASP technologyGRASP (GestuRe Augmented Simulations for enhancing exPlanations) is an NSF-funded project that seeks to understand the kinds of body movement (e.g., gestures) that help students to reason about critical science concepts (e.g., heat transfer, the causes of seasons). For this project we are interviewing numerous middle school students to see how they communicate their ideas through gestures, and we are taking those gestures and building them into the design of new science learning computer simulations. These simulations, developed by our partners at the Concord Consortium, allow students to use gesture to control the causal mechanisms behind the science phenomena they are trying to understand, such as using their hands to represent the behavior of molecules. The goal is to understand how these gesture-augmented simulations are used to develop student explanations, both by individual students and small groups in science classrooms.


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